Goals, Insights, Actionable Strategies
  • New Product Strategies / Market Entry Strategies
  • Segmentation Strategies
  • Channel Strategies
  • Growth Strategies

QDI Strategies is an international marketing consulting firm with a reputation for developing actionable strategies. What distinguishes our work? Our experienced consultants use QDI’s proven discovery process and value-based analytics to help leading businesses reach their goals in the following key areas:

New Product Strategy/New Market Entry Strategy

New products are a key to remaining a force in the marketplace. Will your new product launch and market entry strategy deliver the sales you need to make your new product a winner?  (read more about New Product/New Market)

Segmentation Strategy

Our experience reveals inadequate segmentation strategy is frequently an obstacle to growth. Segmentation has big pay-offs when used in strategy development, product and market planning and sales targeting. (read more about Segmentation)

Channel Strategy

The success of your product or service is riding on the quality of your channel strategy. (read more about Channel Strategies)

Growth Strategy

QDI’s growth strategy projects generally concentrate on two broad marketing initiatives: increasing demand and extracting full value for a product. (read more about Growth Strategies)